Great White Shark

Price: $159.00 Polygon Count: 100,352

3D model of a Great White Shark.Greatwhitesharkhead

Modeled in Maya to maximize edge loop flow. UV’s are fully unwrapped and optimized. Sculpting details represented with normal maps.

Textures are at 4K resolution (4096 pixels x 4096 pixels). Includes 3 variations of the texture, Light, Medium and Dark. Teeth are fully textured and UV mapped as well.

6.jpgcff35f9c-c941-47b6-96df-9fe8c2d690cfLarge 30.jpgf80fb1fd-c06e-4082-acc9-2c30eda3a45fLarge 4.jpga7786fc5-25df-468c-a578-f8490b2bb311Large3.jpgede56377-6761-4bc3-9042-bc1a85cd8659Large5.jpgc0d374f6-2a5d-4902-8816-d08ad0cad6c3Large

Model includes 3 mesh resolutions in both the OBJ, and the Maya binary formats.

(Teeth and Eyes included in face counts)

  • Low resolution: 59162 faces
  • Medium resolution: 67400 faces
  • Hi resolution: 100352 faces

Textures are downloaded separately due to large file size.

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